Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

There are many options for retaining walls:

  • Rock/boulder wall – budget friendly, which as a finished result can maintain some of the natural slope whilst retaining the earth, also allows for planting out between the rocks, creating a natural looking result;
  • Treated pine sleepers – again, one of the cheaper options, but maybe not in the long run, sleepers have a habit of warping and can result in them “popping out” – look good to begin with, but more likely to need replacement that the more costly options;
  • Gabion rock wall – these look great, actually they look amazing, but they are not maintenance free – you have to consider that weeds will eventually find their way in and they will need spraying from time to time, if you are happy to do this, then certainly a great option;
  • Concrete blocks – there are many types of blocks and these look good, with a neat streamlined finish, and of course will last a long time;
  • Concrete sleepers – as for blocks, again look good, neat and modern, will last a very long time.


If you need a retaining wall on your property, you should consider the following:

  • Retaining walls can be a beautiful feature, done right, and are often a necessity serving a very pratical purpose;
  • You may need council approval, depending on the height of the wall, and if it encroaches on any easements on your property;
  • Look at products, know what you like;
  • You can avoid having one big wall if you terrace the wall, worth considering if you wish to avoid council approvals, and reduce your costs.