Making your property “green” is often the final stage of your landscaping project, and having that patch of green can make all the difference.

At Landscapability, we have laid a LOT of turf, both synthetic and instant, and both types of turf have their specific applications and benefits.

Instant Turf is best for areas that you will be using, especially if the kids will be playing on it or you will be walking on it regularly.  This is because it feels good, and of course feels natural.  The downside of course is you have to maintain your turf, due to the fact that it grows!

A huge benefit of having turf, that often is not considered, is the ‘cooling’ effect it can have on the surrounding landscape.

We recommend the locally grown Sir Walter and Kikuyu, but if you are a lawn lover with the time and patience for maintenance, perhaps a fine leaf couch grass is what you are after.

Synthetic Turf is fantastic in small areas, or to break up vast areas of paving or other surfaces.  It is excellent around pools as there is zero maintenance and still gives the green look.  We have seen excellent use of synthetic turf in large spaces especially for commercial projects, and at schools – where in reality, real turf has little hope of survival.